C'mere & Give Me a Kiss!


I'm the notorious MIA, and we’re going to have an incredible time getting lost together. So it’s a pleasure to meet you virtually.

I welcome suitors who are receptive to creating something that’s both enchanting and enduring. Desiring to seek an escape from the mundane is only human. So whether it’s a reprieve from your everyday life and routine, a desire to try something new, or the undivided attention you seek - I greet you with open arms and acceptance.

Do you value honest conversation, playful banter, and mischievous fun? You've found it. I admire a strong lead but can coax even the shyest of people into comfort and uninhibited ease. I offer companionship without complications, whether a brief fling or an extended engagement. My goal is to leave you with an enduring memory you’ll cherish. Your investment in our time together will always be a wise choice.

What’s it like to spend time with MIA? It’s a hiatus from the mundane and the expected. Perhaps you’re struggling with the need to yield to your desires and need a little coaxing? People are meant to be treasured, and I will cherish you. When you're with me, you never have to ask forgiveness for who you are.

I love when we take our time and savor every moment together. Providing you the attention, appreciation, and affection you deserve is what brings me the most pleasure. Good conversation, escaping to places untold. Our imaginations only limit us.

I am looking forward to our fantastic journey!

Yours, MIA

Discretion is the cornerstone of my business, and the private moments we share are committed to only our memories. But, above all, I will always keep your confidence.

I see humans of 21+ & of all genders, races, and abilities. However, I reserve the right to deny you service if I feel you are unsafe to be with, rude, use explicit language, push my boundaries, or make demands.

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